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Providing you with the knowledge to heal yourself

Five-Day Seminar in Dietary Healing and Detoxification

This course is intended for the health professional who wishes to integrate dietary healing and detoxification protocols into their existing practice, or for members of the public who have a strong desire to make informed decisions relating to their own health. During this five-day seminar you will gain substantial insight into how, through dietary means, you can correct cellular imbalances that lie at the root of disease.

Over the last century a large of body of evidence has amassed regarding the beneficial impact of specific dietary regimes, namely protein and calorie restriction, on the incidence of chronic degenerative disease and ageing, where the results overwhelmingly indicate a slowing of the ageing process, consequent reduction in chronic degenerative disease, and the relief and/or reversal of disease in those already afflicted.

We may well ask why there has been such resistance to integrate such protocols or guidelines into mainstream therapeutics given the amount of evidence accrued to date. The culture of our commodity-based society strengthens the notion of dietary regimes being too daunting for the consumer. This is a popular belief for both traditional and alternative practitioners as it saves them having to understand the problem holistically. However, we are now experiencing a shift in consumer behaviour, particularly in the over 35s, those with a professional background, a familiarity with critical decision-making and most importantly, a strong desire to take self-responsibility for their own health. This shift is due in part to a decline in confidence in the concept of health care provision.

The core proposition I make in my seminars and supporting material is one of empowerment through the ability of self-determination. This is expressed with the underlying assumptions referred to above, allowing a very direct message appealing to those who seek a method of holistic healing based on track record.

Features of the seminar:

   You will receive the tools to evaluate and self-manage your own healing process
   The principles are proven with a current track-record (supported by a body of amassed scientific evidence), addressing maintenance of the body through to reversing chronic degenerative disease such as cancer
   The course is extremely practical providing strategies and pathways that can be understood by the health conscious individual with the additional depth of instruction required to satisfy both alternative and traditional medical professionals
   In addition, each participant will go home with their own personalized package based on individual diagnosis, evaluation and treatment protocol allowing them to immediately experience the benefits of rejuvenation and gain the necessary insight to become confidence in practical diagnosis and management

All delegates are requested to complete and return an Initial Case Assessment with enrolment. Each case study is processed before the course and returned to you upon arrival with detailed instructions for case analysis. During the course you will assess your case in relation to your inherited and acquired constitution, liver stagnation and digestive efficiency and make use of both the traditional and the Eastern approach (Chinese Five Element) in case study analysis. Indications relating to liver stagnation and digestive deficiency will determine the specific application of the therapy, the rate of detoxification and subsequent healing.

The five day seminar will cover the topics listed below. The morning sessions will comprise of lectures on scientific principles, dietary protocols, supporting techniques; the afternoon sessions will be devoted to practical case taking, interpretation and self-management.

Day One

Morning session:
The scientific principles of nutritional healing and detoxification
, with reference to the early work of  Sir Robert McCarrison, Weston Price, Francis Pottenger, M.D;  and Max Gerson, M.D; and latterly  the work of  Dr. Richard Weindruch and  Dr. Roy Walford.

A nutritional healing approach differs fundamentally from the more traditional practice of symptom management (through natural or drug remedies), in that its primary objective is to reduce the burden on the body, which in turn creates conditions that support and facilitate healing leading to cure. 

During the lecture we shall explore the role of fasting, protein and calorie restriction, sodium/potassium management, within the context of a scientific background. 

Afternoon Session:
Evaluating the constitution.
This practical session will introduce case taking against the backcloth of inherited and acquired constitution. Delegates will start to make their own case study analysis, recognizing the fundamental importance of inheritance factors (predisposition) and stress factors (dietary, stress, environmental, drugs) that negatively impact the constitution.  This will provide the framework upon which nutritional healing protocols will be based.

Day Two

Morning Session:
Restoring cellular competence.
The ageing process is synonymous with the accumulation of deposits in the body. These deposits, often the consequence of an inflammatory healing metabolism (the atheromatous plaque, for example), may then become the exacerbating cause of disease. As we age cross linkage and buildup of sugars/proteins (glycosylation), and fat/protein (lipofuscin) molecules occur in the circulatory system and tissues, which in effect, harden the body and the brain “gumming” it up leading to various states of chronic disease.

This lecture will evaluate:
   healthy cellular metabolism 
   restoring the acid/alkaline balance and reversing the consequences of acidity
   natural methods of chelation of heavy metals 
   the role and benefits of vegetable juicing
   the role of oxidants in health and disease

Afternoon session:
Assessing Your Digestive Efficiency  (The Earth Element)
Essentially the integrity of the body is determined not only by the quality of your diet, but your capacity to digest it both at gut and cellular level. On a diet therapy, restoring the digestion is the backbone of treatment. Delegates will discover how assess their digestive efficiency and evaluate specific symptoms, within a comprehensive framework which embraces the interpretive principles of Chinese Medicine. Central to the understanding of Chinese philosophy is the function of the Spleen and how it impacts health when its function declines.  Dietary methods of restoring the digestion will be discussed.

Day Three

Morning Session
The dietary protocol

The types of foods, their preparation and the cooking methods involved, are critical to regenerative healing. Although healing diets are protein and calorie restricted, it is essential that these diets provide an abundant amount of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Various other factors need to be taken into consideration such as:
   the digestibility of the diet
   the burden of protein and fat 
   the dangers of processed foods
   calculating the amount and type of protein
   calculating the amount and type of fat
   food preparation – unlocking the anti-nutrients in food, and increasing its digestibility
   vegetable juicing – which ones and how much
   practical application of the diet

Afternoon Session
Assessing your Liver capacity  (the Wood Element)
Before embarking on any nutritional healing plan it is essential to assess the capacity of the liver to eliminate toxins to the outside. On any detoxification therapy the rate of elimination of toxins from the body must equal the rate of removal from the cells, or the situation may worsen.  It is possible, using the principles of Chinese interpretive analysis, to trace through the case history symptoms that relate specifically to liver congestion and stagnation. Following these principles the delegate will be able to accurately appraise their liver congestion, how long this situation has existed and to what degree the liver is compromised. Methods to decrease the burden and restore the liver will be discussed.

Day Four

Morning Session
1. Detoxification
We shall discuss the detoxification pathways of the liver; the history of the coffee enema and how it supports liver detoxification and method of use. The role of colonic irrigation and liver/gall flushes will also discussed within the context of detoxification, its value and effectiveness within a holistic healing model.

2. Re-hydration: balancing the Yin and Yang
In this lecture we integrate the Chinese approach of Yin and Yang with the Western concepts of dehydration and inflammation in the ageing process. When the Yin (water) becomes deficient, the Yang (fire) burns out of control leading to the range of the inflammatory diseases (including auto-immune disease and allergy) and signs of dehydration (brittle bones, wrinkled skin, withered muscles, loss of joint lubrication, poor digestion, ulceration of digestive tract, dryness in the alimentary tracts, lung passages and genito-urinary system) synonymous with ageing.  We explore how diet can support re-hydration through the incorporation of specific carbohydrates (mucopolysaccharides or glycosaminoglycans) and oils, which will increase the hydration capacity of connective tissue and the cell membranes, which, in turn subdues inflammation and promotes healing.

Afternoon Session
Assessing the Kidneys (the Water element) – the root of Yin and Yang
In Chinese philosophy the integrity of the Kidneys (incorporates also the adrenal glands) govern the strength of the constitution and hence the cycles of ageing. They determine the quality of Yin (substance) and Yang (function). The delegate will learn how to determine patterns of Kidney disharmony and the main factors which lead to its decline. Integration of both the Western and Chinese perspective will allow the delegate to comprehend more fully the impact of kidney/adrenal deficiency on the whole body and to reach a mature interpretation of their case study.

Day Five

Morning Session
1. Toxicity – the environmental toll

During this lecture we will discuss the role of environmental pollution (industrial and agricultural) on our health and fertility. We shall discover the relationship between toxicity in the food chain and the explosion of hormone-dependent cancers; between the use of pesticides and herbicides and infertility; between air pollution, free radical damage and chronic degenerative disease. This understanding is integral and will form the backbone of choices made for the shopping basket  - for unless the diet is organic and unprocessed then little lasting impact will be made on health.

2. Managing toxicity and flare-ups
This session discusses the difference between the symptoms of toxic, detoxification and healing reactions and the specific methods of managing each type of crisis. Fever management will also be discussed, along with non-toxic treatments to alleviate, but not suppress symptoms.
Afternoon Session
The Chinese Five Elements
This final lecture introduces the inter-relationship between the Five Elements and how patterns of disharmony in one element may impact the other elements. The Metal and Fire Elements will be introduced and the delegate will have an opportunity to assess which element is predominant in their case, and how lifestyle, attitudes and habits can either exacerbate or resolve the underlying imbalance. By the end of this session, the delegate will have made an in-depth interpretation of their case study, understand how to implement a nutritional healing regime, and have the confidence to self-manage their progress.

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