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The general tips below are for age groups. The younger you are the more stringent your detox plan can be and the faster you can go. The older we become, the more gentle the process to ensure a balance between detoxification and regeneration. Generally, if you are fit and feeling relatively healthy and not on medication you will be able to determine your own pace by how well you feel.
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If you have a high vitality and can resolve illnesses without the use of drugs and are not on any medication, you will be able to detoxify readily. Vegetable juicing will increase the rate of detoxification. Remove all dairy, wheat, rye, animal protein and eggs to ensure that a detoxification momentum is achieved for healing to take place. After the initial 6 weeks of treatment, fish may be included twice weekly. See Plan A  of my book "Get a Life: the Detoxification Diet Made Easy!"

If you are on medication or need to take drugs to resolve illnesses then it is wise to slow down the rate of detoxification. You may introduce vegetable juicing, but cautiously. You may include some natural yoghurt and a couple of eggs a week. Still keep your animal protein intake to a minimum and try to do without wheat products (that includes bread and pasta). See Plan B of my book.

If you are on long-term medication then take the diet a little slower. You may have some natural yoghurt, a couple of eggs and add some chicken or lamb but aim to have two days of the week vegan (that is no animal produce). Cooked vegetables as opposed to raw will also slow down the process but you will still detoxify. Later when your health is improved you may wish to speed up the process. See Plan C of my book.

I recommend professional supervision for anyone on medication or with known health problems.
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